Superior wood products and performance.

From manufacturing to coatings, Dresser Mouldings is known for offering the best products on the market.

We take pride in having the largest selection of bespoke manufacturing exterior timber substrates. backed by technology, machinery and expertise designed to handle even the most complex profiling on the solid or engineered wood.

The key to our success is the belief that details matter. From demanding a minimum radius on profiles and ventilation to monitoring the moisture content of wood and end sealing, Dresser Mouldings looks out for your interests, big or small. Now, Dresser Mouldings is proud to offer a premier wood finish from Sansin – a company that also believes in making products that are designed to perform and impress. For more than 30 years, Sansin has pioneered the use of water-borne, environmentally-friendly wood protection finishes and treatments to optimize performance and durability, as well as enhance the natural beauty of wood.

Offered in a range of stunning colours, Sansin finishes give you the beauty and protection you’ve been looking for – together with the quality manufacturing and attention to detail Dresser Mouldings is famous for.

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The highest standard of beauty and durability in factory applied wood protection for cladding and decking.Not only does Sansin SDF protect the outside of wood, it also protects the inside by allowing it to ‘breath’ which helps prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot. SDF is UV resistant, water-repellent, low in VOC content, and non-flammable with easy soap and water clean-up. And, because SDF is designed to be highly water repellent, it’s a natural choice for homes and structures in moisture-rich environments.


  • Available in broad spectrum of colours
  • 2 coat protection
  • Low VOC
  • Great for siding, timbers, modified wood and decks


Foundation is a penetrating base coat that offers up to 6 months of complete wood protection against weathering and UV during construction – increasing dimensional stability, reducing checks and wood movement. In addition to protecting against harmful UV radiation, it enhances the natural moisture resistance of wood surfaces without causing adhesion issues for subsequent top coat applications. Available in Fir, Cedar and light wood tones.


  • Penetrating base coat
  • Improves top coat performance
  • 1 coat protection
  • Water and UV-repellent
  • Great for siding , timbers and shingles
  • Near invisible for superior clear or light wood tones


Sansin ENS can be applied to virtually any surface. That’s because ENS is self-priming and offers exceptional adhesion to almost and surface, resulting in a satin or gloss finish of exceptional beauty. ENS is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolour over time, and provides some of the toughest UV protection available. For even longer maintenance cycles, undercoat with Sansin SDF. Whatever your project, the exceptional characteristics of ENS – in either natural, semi-transparent or solid finishes – will raise it to a new standard of beauty and durability.


  • Available in a broad spectrum of colours
  • UV resistant, tremendous adhesion
  • 2 coat protection when used with first coat SDF or Foundation
  • Great for siding , millwork and outdoor furniture


A durable, water repellent wood treatment for exterior wood surfaces. Designed to bring dimensional stability to wood by reducing moisture absorption up to 74% during wetting periods. WoodForce allows wood to weather naturally without blackening. This high-performance factory finish provides exceptional protection and will not breakdown with exposure to sunlight, providing long term protection against weathering and wood rot.


  • Available in clear and grey shades
  • 2 coat protection
  • Water repellent
  • Great for siding , timber and shingles


Why we use Sansin Enviro Stains for our factory finishings:

Proven performance for over 30 years

Sansin Enviro Stains have been protecting wood naturally for decades. Sansin is a global leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection. Their secret? A revolutionary water-borne modified alkyd wood coating that uses nature’s own ingredients – resins and gums from the heartwood of trees – to deliver lasting protection and extraordinary beauty for a wide variety of wood substrates.

Breathe easier with Sansin

People choose Sansin coatings for their performance, but also because of their low to zero environmental toxins such as VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that contribute to smog and ozone depletion. Operating the best practices focus on energy savings, waste reduction and recycling, further reducing Sansin’s environmental footprint.

Celebrating the natural beauty of wood

Why build with wood in the first place? The answer is simple: beauty.  Sansin Enviro Stains use a proprietary pigment system for uniform colour that is so vibrant and long-lasting it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. With a wide range of transparent , semi-transparent and solid-hide colour combinations available, customers can choose the perfect finish and colour their project demands.