The science of wood continues to play a leading role in the longevity of long lasting finishes applied to timber. Equally important is design, installation and how we apply these finishes.
Manufacture and preparation have always been the key to excellent coating practices, preparation by sanding or brushing the surface has been recognised in adding longevity to your finish, this is why we have introduced Sansin paints to our range of paints available.

Why have we chosen Sansin paints!

Natural ingredients modified for enhanced performance!
Bonds directly with wood!
Does not crack, peel or blister!
Safe for you and the environment!
Long lasting performance!

Sansin have pioneered the use of environmentally friendly water borne wood protection technologies, delivering outstanding performance.
We have continued to invest in the latest preparation and coating techniques adding new sanding & tinting facilities to allow us to offer the science of sanding and brushing Sansin paints giving longer lasting protection.
We have a wide choice of Sansin products!


A durable water repellent wood protection for exterior wood surfaces. Designed to bring dimensional stability to wood by reducing moisture absorption up to 74% during wetting periods.

Allows wood to weather naturally without blackening.
A two-coat factory application applied to all 4 sides, pre-sanded to allow deep penetration can be applied as a clear or in a number of grey tones. Offering even weathering to many timbers including Accoya.


A 2 coat finish combined and used with other Sansin bases paints, used on general joinery and cladding’s and even improves the performance of other coatings, this is because ENS is self-priming and offers exceptional adhesion when used with other Sansin base paints.

ENS is a film build finish. ENS is highly resistant to wear, does not discolour and provides some of the toughest UV protection available.

Sansin ENS brings the natural grain and character of your wood, delivering tough long-lasting protection.

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