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A Cedar tree can grow up to 70 metre in height and can be 3-4 metres in the trunk diameter. The soft reddish to brown timber has a tight straight grain; it is valued for its appearance and aroma.

Western Red Cedar, as long been recognised as the timber of choice for external claddings and Louvres.

Cedar offers low density and shrinkage factors with exceptional thermal values. Cedar is easy to work, taking glues & finishes well. One of the reasons cedar is widely used it contains natural preservatives that resists moisture decay and insect damage.

Western Red Cedar had twice the stability of most commonly used softwoods.

The workability of Western Red Cedar produces long lightweight lengths of timber with fine straight grain and uniform textures which makes the timber very easy to cut, machine glue & assemble. The lack of pitch and resin allows Western Red Cedar to hold glue from a wide range of adhesives and provides a firm base for many types of paints and stains to be used.

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