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Thermowood has become the trade name for the trend mainly in softwood timbers, Spruce & Pine to have the structure & properties of the material changed by heat treating the material.

It has been known for many years burning the surface of wood will make the material more durable & less likely to move, commercially achieving this has been the challenge.

Today, Thermowood (trade name only) is recognised as the market leader & is commercially used in a lot of external application including cladding installations.

Timber is taken and heated to high temperatures and by using a combination of heat, steam & kilning techniques the process of dying the material first to zero moisture content, before the final application of bring the moisture to around 4-6%. As a result the material takes on a new added value.  Carrying out these processes the timber becomes more durable, as greater resistant to decay & above all as less movement, which makes the timber an ideal timber to use when installed externally as cladding.

For company like ours we have seen many benefits mainly in coating processes while applying full factory coating finishes, Thermowood takes coatings applied through our vacuum coating & spray facilities easily and due to the cell changes to the surface structure the stain applied sits better on the surface far easier than those un-treated, overall this makes the process of applying the micro build per coat much easier to apply then those from un-treated material.

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