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Accoya is traditional wood modified at molecular level. Accoya starts it life as a fast growing radiate pine lumber, the wood is modified using only naturally occurring wood components, this allows the wood to be modified to its core. Acetylation changes wood at the molecular level & durability is achieved by stopping the rot fungi from digesting wood, not by killing them with toxins.

The modified wood ends up as Accoya and is supplied in a number of grades from A1 (top grade) to lower grading A3 timber is supplied in a variety of size typically up to 6.0 length finger jointed.

Accoya machines easier than most regular timbers, requires no special tools to cross cut, rip, plane or drill. Most recently Accoya has been achieving outstanding results from coating as external cladding,. Accoya wood superior dimensional stability makes the product the ideal timber to use for windows & external coated claddings.

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