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Solar shadings has been around for a few years and Dresser Mouldings have been at the forefront of timber production, manufacturing, bonding drilling, mitring & coating to very detailed specifications. Western red Cedar seems to be the timber of choice because of its aesthetic looks, its structural stability & natural oils providing the ideal timber for structural & aesthetic stability. We are able to provide using a varied range of timbers from small timber elliptical louvres up to a maximum of 230mm wide. Timber louvres are also commercially available in a range of species including thermowood, Siberian Larch & Accoya. Timber louvres are also commercially available in a range of Thermowood & Siberian Larch materials.

It is staggering fact that that over 40% of the UK energy consumption is building related this also produces about half the nations CO2 emissions. As a result there has been a move over the last few years towards greener buildings with natural lighting & a reduction in the use of air conditioning within buildings. It should be understood when fitting blinds into new builds you can reduce solar heat gain by substantial amounts & by including external solar shading this can be increased much further. There is no doubt if you can stop the sun from hitting the glass in the first place it will be far cheaper than allowing it to penetrate & rely on artificial mechanical heat reduction to control the building temperature.

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