We have now launched our new online store where you can buy a range of our timber moulding products online. The range of products available will increase over the coming weeks and months.

Timber Panelling & Claddings

panelling-picDresser Reed & Bead tongue and groove boarding can create natural wood effects in many locations including panelling in hallways, natural wood kitchen ceilings, bathrooms, loft and attic rooms. Available in three width sizes, combinations of various widths can create unusual designs.

Dresser also manufactures a number of capping moulds to provide attractive finishes to wall runs of reed and bead panelling. Supplied in pine, knots and graining in the wood are part of the natural appearance.

panelling-pic2Different sizes of Reed and Bead boarding can be joined to form different width patterns. Dresser Read & Bead is available in knotted pine from stock.

Any user wanting alternative materials should contact Dresser here to establish availability.

Pine boarding does have various knots and graining patterns in the wood and users should be aware of this before purchase.

Timber Panelling Price List

View our timber panelling price list here.

What our customers say...

Great product range, website is clear and easy to use. No minimum order amount which is fantastic for a DIYer like myself. Staff helpful & friendly “really pleased I have found Dresser Mouldings”

(David Ellershaw, Lancashire) October 2014

I have bought mouldings from you on three occasions, each time I have been pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality, very quick delivery at a competitive price. I cannot think of any reason why I would consider buying any timber mouldings from any other supplier. living on the West coast of Scotland it as always been difficult on deliveries, it is a pleasure to have found you in the first place and always a good experience to deal with.

(Alec Briggs, Inveraray Scotland) September 2014

Great service and excellent easy to understand website.

(Rick Wood, South Lanarkshire) September 2014

We have always been extremely satisfied with every product we have purchased from Dresser Mouldings. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Now we can order stock items on line this has improved our delivery of items no end.

(Victoria Scherer, John Russell Architectural Ltd) September 2014

The type of mouldings supplied are very difficult to find with nothing suitable in my local area. I have searched the internet for hours before finding your company. I was a little apprehensive as I only required a small order. I needn’t have worried as I received absolutely fabulous service within 24 hours.

(Graham Vielar, Eastbourne) October 2014

Excellent service, needed to contact the company excellent and helpful.

(Hugh Johnson, Preston) October 2014